Access Virtual Machine (VM) via putty.

1. Configure PuTTY on the client PC to use the private key file
Open PuTTY and load a previously saved session, or create a new session. Enter the path and file name of the private key file in the Private key file window. Recommend to configuring PuTTY to only use the SSH2 Protocol. Click on SSH and select 2 only as the Preferred SSH protocol version. Continue configuring PuTTY including an alternate Port number for the SSH server (if used) as desired then save the session

Figure 1
Double click to open putty configuration terminal

Figure 2
Enter the machine IP (refer to item no. 2.2)
Browse your public key for authentication (refer to item no. 2.2)
Click open to access the machine

Figure 3 – Login as root for Virtual Machine and as admin for Smartmachine. Key in the correct ssh keyphrase
Figure 4 – Authentication successful login the machine